AIRS Conference Barcelona: Genomics and Microbiomics

The AIRS Institute for the Advancement of International Rehabilitation Standards announces the 2nd AIRS International Conference on Genomics and Microbiomics – The New Rehabilitation.

The event will take place at the Hesperia Hotel in Barcelona from 31st May until 1st June 2019. International leaders in rehabilitation, health management, prevention and recovery will discuss the latest findings and recommendations in microbiomics and genomics and their impact on treatments and everybody´s daily life.

Alongside high leveled academic and scientific experts, the conference also invites the healthy lifestyle and healthy ageing industries from the food, beverage, cosmetics, microbiota, power food, dietary supplement, and pharmaceutic sectors to present their latest innovations and new product launches. The interdisciplinary conference program and the proceedings will have an impact on all public health programs and on strategies to reach health consumers.

As the genomics and microbiomics transfer to our daily product world is under full speed, the conference includes educational perspectives, as the complexity of the matter, needs better to be understood.

A highly acknowledged and expert speaker academy has been brought together for this event. We will give the translation of genomic and microbiome knowledge into all related fields a push and discuss which innovations are on the table to be implemented now.

The New Rehabilitation community is looking for integrated and holistic solutions in health management, prevention, recovery and healthy ageing. An Industry Guide for Genomics and Microbiomics is released by AIRS for participants at this conference and provided to the public.

Speaker Academy:



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