The story of Steve Hulford, the Founder of Filemobile

Filemobile was incubated in the summer of 2005 in the offices of Fantasy Sports Network and PoolExpert by Steve Hulford along with Chris Becker, Greg Prince, K.C. Tsui, and Ron Watson, to produce consumer websites allowing users to upload digital files and share them. They soon pivoted by launching a website with a B2B focus with other embedded software tools.

Steve Hulford, was the Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Filemobile. He has been an entrepreneur since 2003 and quite early in his career, he shifted his attention towards building internet start-ups. In fact, he launched his first businesses with business partners – Fantasy Sports Network – in 2003 and his second (purchased) – PoolExpert – in 2005, but Filemobile being the most successful of them all garnered the maximum public attention.

With a background in web and business development along with TV, Steve Hulford loves to take up new potential ideas and nurture them, thus empowering them to grow into profitable business ventures. As a startup entrepreneur, therefore, Hulford had to work hands-on for most of his projects, as a designer, salesman, flash developer, video producer, social marketer, idea generator, product developer, strategist, and presenter, to name a few. He has also mentored and motivated other start-ups to try and make a mark.

A Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto, Steve Hulford, joined the Australian company Newzulu as the Global Chief Technology Evangelist when it acquired Filemobile in 2015.

In 2016, Steve Hulford, along with a group of enthusiasts, launched the viral video brand “Interesting Shit or INSH for short”. A rather creative and interesting series, Interesting Shit is media company formed with the intention of producing shortform snackable content and distributing it on social media. It aims to connect with readers around the world and build a community around subjects like Science, History, Geography, and World Culture. The one thing INSH focuses on fact-based information, without any political bias.

INSH has gained massive popularity ever since its inception. The videos created and published by INSH have successfully engaged over 600 million videos on social media platforms.

Hulford realized that for a concept like to be successful, it needed the backend support of a strong and reliable media group that could mine content, advertise and distribute the content marketing campaigns. And what better idea than to be in control of both!

Well, that’s what real entrepreneurs do – sniff out opportunities like these and grow from milestone to another!

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