Effective Ways To Reduce Stress and Improve Health In The Workplace

Do you ever feel like every day is a struggle at work? As though some days it’s all you can do to keep your head above water in a capricious economy and a savagely competitive business climate. You’re not alone. All of us, especially entrepreneurs, encounter workplace stress to some extent or another. In small doses, stress can actually be good for us. It can keep us on our toes, prevent us from lapsing into complacency and encourage us to be our best. Entrepreneurs and business owners have a tendency to produce some of their best work when up against considerable odds and should consider using population health management services.

Nonetheless, over time stress can become chronic and lead to burnout as well as some very unpleasant health risks. Stress can impede your immune function, increase your risk of heart attack and generally make for a tense, volatile and miserable workplace and a very unhappy team. And your business is only ever as strong as your team. Here are some ways in which you can reduce stress and improve your health and that of your team in the workplace…

Encourage physical exercise

Physical exercise of any sort is one of nature’s ultimate stress-busters. Everything from pumping iron to running or cycling to yoga is a great way to relieve stress, burn fat, build lean muscle mass and get the brain flooded with stress-relieving endorphins. 

Find a fun way of encouraging your team to stay fit, healthy and active. This might include setting up a five-a-side team, encouraging employees to cycle to work or even installing a mini-gym in your break room so your team can pump some iron on their lunch breaks.

Allow meditation breaks

Mindfulness meditation can be a fantastic way to combat stress, improve awareness and gain perspective on the little problems which can weigh heavily on our minds when we’re having a stressful day. Having a quiet, relaxing space in which employees can take meditation breaks can not only be conducive to employee wellbeing, it can even boost workplace productivity.

The great thing about mindfulness mediation is that it only takes a few minutes a day to be effective. 

Have a dedicated space for vaping

There was a time when cigarettes were as ubiquitous in the workplace as coffee cups. Thankfully, those days are long gone. Even indoor smoking rooms are a thing of the past. Nonetheless, while employees cannot smoke indoors, you may be able to have a dedicated space in which they can imbibe e-liquids? What are e-liquids? They’re a way in which former smokers can get their nicotine fix and wean themselves off cigarettes.

Employees craving nicotine can struggle to concentrate and can become distracted and irritable. Having a safe space in which they can vape can help keep them happy and productive without compromising the health of others. What’s more, this can allow employees to use CBD vaping products (safe and legal aids to reducing stress and anxiety), too.

And finally… Keep your door open!

Perhaps the best way to reduce stress in the workplace is to keep an open door and an open mind. Small issues can be exacerbated when people internalise them. Make sure that every member of your time has a direct line to you when they have issues, stresses, worries or grievances. 

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