Your Business is Only as Strong as Your Team. Here Are Some Ways To Strengthen Yours

Entrepreneurs are incredible people. They’re multiskilled, multitalented, passionate and infinitely disciplined. They are those of us who had the temerity and the bravery to eschew the rat race and take their careers, their financial wellbeing and their lives into their own hands. They are those of us who took a leap of faith in themselves and pursued their passions even if it meant that they had to sacrifice their job security to do so. If you’ve started your own business, you have the courage, self-belief and resourcefulness to tread where others fear to. But while this alone makes you amazing, let’s not kid ourselves. You couldn’t do it on your own.

Behind every successful startup is not just a clear vision and strong leadership but a team that can translate that vision into success in business. A team who are able to bring their own experiences and talents to bear on the framework that you have established. Together, you create a formula for success. But your team can be your strongest link, or your weakest. Any business is only as strong as its team. If you’re to consistently deliver the operational excellence that your customers expect, you’ll need to take steps to ensure a harmonious, cohesive and efficient team. Here are some ways you can strengthen yours…

Value every role

Don’t fall into the trap of lavishing all of your time, attention and praise on the team members whose role is to bring in money. Your sales team may be your all-star strikers but there’s a reason why football teams have midfielders and goalkeepers. Every single member of your team is an essential cog in the operational machinery (apologies for the mixed metaphor), and should be equally valued no matter what they do.

But value the person behind it

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you should just value your employees in terms of the function that they fulfil for your business. You need to value the person behind the role and that includes more than simply ensuring that they have the knowledge, training and equipment to do their job right or keeping their workplace clean, tidy and safe. You took the time and effort to recruit these people based on their skills, experience, creativity, imagination and personality. Show them that you value them. Ask them what their career goals are outside of their current role. Show a genuine interest and think about how you can help and support them in their career or personal goals. This brings us to…

Set goals and deliver the training and CPD to achieve them

Goal setting is vitally important for both businesses and their employees. But while goals should be aspirational, your team should have a clear program of training and Continuous Professional Development to help them to consistently achieve their goals. Businesses who abandon training after the onboarding process risk the inevitable complications that come with high employee turnaround.  

Take the time to carry out team building exercise

Team building exercises may seem cheesy and forced to some, but only when they’re not facilitated properly. Done right, they can be a fun and memorable event that the whole team remembers fondly. They needn’t be expensive or difficult to organise. Take a look at this page on how to organise your team building treasure hunt. It can be a fun and extremely rewarding break from the norm.

Encourage them to show that they value one another

Finally, while it’s essential to demonstrate that you value your team, it’s just as important to show they value one another. Using peer assessment and encouraging employees to nominate one another for regular awards can go a long way towards helping your team to feel cohesive and make coming to work feel like hanging out with your friends. And that’s the dream, isn’t it?

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