Why you should consider opening a business in Southampton

Southampton is a great place to open a business and has numerous perks and advantages for the entrepreneurs who do so. Situating your firm here will yield positive results in recruitment, costs, travel and support; four things which a business sorely needs in order to persevere.

While many start-ups struggle to find their feet in their beginning stages, their Southampton counterparts don’t stumble anywhere near as frequently or as hard. But why is this? This article will further explain why you should consider opening a business in Southampton.

 A University town

A new business needs new talent. Fortunately, Southampton is full of fresh graduates looking for their first opportunity. By opening your business here, your firm could be the place where all their enthusiasm and vigour for work can be centred. They’re raring to go, book smart, and no doubt have work experience under their belt too.

Remember, many graduates are also on hard times, overqualified for their current work and desperate to move on – your business could be the one that really tests them and treats them fairly. Given the opportunity, there’s a strong chance that fresh graduates will appreciate the good work and pay, and thus stay loyal, boosting morale and reducing your staff turnover too.

 Links to London

Many businesses predictably fight over a spot in London. The idea of being based in the capital is almost too tempting for many to resist, but you’re smarter than to follow the herd. After all, London also brings expense, as the cost of property and commodities there is extortionate. Frankly, London is not worth the financial hit, at least at the beginning stages of your firm.

That’s not to say there aren’t incredible business opportunities there, however. Instead, by opening your business in Southampton, you and your employees have great connections to London. To get back, it’s just a quick train from London Victoria to Southampton Central, so it’s very doable. That means you can attend all the meetings you like in London, and not worry about staying overnight for a pricey cost. Moreover, you could also be less of a target for competitors by operating from the fringes too.

Southampton Airport

Travel on a bigger scale is also possible, because Southampton has its own airport that hosts over 20 different airlines. Should the day ever come where your business goes international and you need to visit clients overseas, it’s just a short drive or taxi ride to the airport. Additionally, if clients from other countries are visiting your work premises, being so near the airport would undoubtedly be a pleasant surprise for them too, giving you stronger favour with them.

Support is available

Start-ups thrive in Southampton because of the wide range of support that is available. The Solent LEP Growth Hub is also based here, and they’ve helped numerous businesses land on their feet successfully in multiple areas; funding, securing premises, engineering, creative and digital, programme events and more. Put simply, their expertise is invaluable.

Being close to them is a good idea. After all, areas like London have a cutthroat mentality, whereby the strongest thrive and the weakest fizzle away into nothing. Southampton has a different outlook, in that a successful business is everyone’s success, boosting the economy and establishing positive B2B relationships. It’s nowhere near as ruthless, so if you’re easing into business for the first time, Southampton is certainly ideal.


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