3 Key Advantages Of Powder Coating Over Wet Paint

What is powder coating? 

Powder coating is a form of paint application; it’s a dry powder and could be considered as a traditional paint without the solvent. The application is electrostatic, and heat is used to cure the powder. It’s often used in the process of coating metals. First, the metal (or other substance) is cleaned to remove any dirt. This pretreatment is necessary to ensure that no chipping or corrosion will occur later on. The item is dried out before any powder colour is applied. An oven might be used, or in some cases air-drying processes. The powder is usually applied via spray; it’s electrically charged on application. 

A number of industries use powder coating in their projects; from the automotive industry to aerospace, general industrial or the coating of common appliances. If your company requires an industrial painting solution, there are plenty of advantages of using powder coating over traditional wet paint.


With a powder coating, you have a solution which provides increased resistance to corrosion and is, therefore, more durable. Powder coatings are more resistant to both weather conditions and chemicals than conventional paint. Generally speaking, the colours will remain brighter longer; being less prone to wear and tear. The process of applying a powder coating involves curing and thermal bonding. This procedure means that the surface is also less likely to scratch or chip than wet paint. With traditional wet paint, you may get dripping or running as you apply the colour. Using powder paint means no risk of any dripping or messy finishes. The procedure ensures a thicker coating so the surface of the object is well protected against damage. 


Powder coatings contain no solvents, and so they do not pollute the atmosphere as wet paints do. As well as this, wet paint can sometimes be a hazard to store. It’s a hazard because it’s flammable so increases the likelihood of a fire. It emits volatile organic compounds which are dangerous when breathed in. For workers and the environment both; powder coatings are the safer option. As more eco-friendly solutions become available, those that are damaging to our health and the environment are being phased out. 


You’ll save your company money when choosing powder coating because these are more cost-effective in the long run. Powder coatings can easily be used in an automated manufacturing process, so you could reduce your operational costs. The high-quality finishes mean that there will be fewer instances whereby paint-work has to be re-done. It’s easy to re-use any powder coating that is misplaced in the spraying processes. With wet paint, any paint that misses the spray target is simply wasted. Less waste means that you’ll reduce your expenses and improve the efficiency of your business

For a durable, eco-friendly and cost-effective painting solution, powder coating is undoubtedly the way to go. For more information, it’s best to speak to an experienced powder coating supplier. They’ll be able to discuss the specific needs of your company in more detail. 

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