Spotlight on The Trials and Tribulations of Ahmed Dahab Competition

Born in Sudan in 1978, Ahmed Dahab is a prominent entrepreneur and businessman, as well as the author of The Trials and Tribulations of Ahmed Dahab, an honest businessman’s true-life account of his physical and mental torture, unjust imprisonment and persecution in Kuwait.

Throughout his highly successful 22-year corporate career, Mr Dahab has always specialised in innovation. Taking new concepts and transforming them into viable business opportunities has always appealed to him, particularly where he can use these ideas to help other entrepreneurs and business pioneers.

Ahmed Dahab established his consultancy business in 2004, calling on his professional experience and business success to help other entrepreneurs succeed. Over the course of more than 15 years, Mr Dahab has worked with many organisations across a variety of industrial sectors.

In his own ventures, Mr Dahab enjoyed great success in the real estate business, particularly when he collaborated on a largescale Turkish real estate project. Nevertheless, it transpired that not everyone shared Mr Dahab and his associates’ happiness at the project’s success. In 2016, Ahmed Dahab’s company was wrongfully accused of money laundering; he was unjustly imprisoned – and physically and mentally tortured – by the Kuwaiti authorities.

Mr Dahab is staging a competition to bring this miscarriage of justice into the public eye. Further details can be found on Ahmed Dahab’s website. The winning prize is £1,000 cash for illustrations and £250 for the winning comment. The competition’s closing date for entries is the 9th May 2020.

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