Alessandro des Dorides – Top tips for starting a new business

“As an experienced management consultant, I will keep you a secret,” said Alessandro de Dorides. “There is no perfect starting formula for a new company.”

Things can go wrong before you even start, or you can swim in months of excellence. With lots of information to get you started, it might be difficult to know where to look. But you need to know that you will learn as much as possible.

Here are some of my best tips for getting started.

Don’t let fear hold you back

If you want to start a business, do it. Some people dream of crashing into tens of thousands to do the work they like – but that has never happened to them. Why Because they are afraid of failure.
There are unreasonable reasons for not starting something new, but sometimes you just have to catch bulls and become your own boss.

Think about the benefits – you can pay your salary, rest when you need it, and no one meets deadlines in your case.
Instead of holding it, find a solution for your feared problem.

Be careful

When you start telling people about your amazing new business plan, listen to what they say – whether it’s your mother or your best friend, they might have an idea. You might have some suggestions or ideas that can only help you continue. Choose someone who is honest.

The last reaction, after asking a few questions, is certainly a collective opinion when you develop your business. Business partners are great people who value advice because they like to share the mistakes they have made.

Don’t over complicate things

Don’t bomb yourself before starting. Nobody wants to hear your complicated plan. In the end you get a product that you don’t need and it’s too expensive.
Make simple, high-quality products or services. A successful business idea must meet and exceed customer expectations.

Once your idea is in your head, gather your thoughts about the costs of developing your business idea. You have to start and operate. Do you need marketing and PR to tell the world about it? You also have to spend money on rental and accessories.

Whatever you think you need to budget for – triple. You will always face unexpected expenses that you haven’t thought about. So it is best to be prepared when people call you for your money.
Look at your current source of income. What do you get from your current job? How long will your savings last if you give up?

If you are already working full time and want to get out of running your own business, do it gradually. There is nothing better than a surprise that this regular salary package will not be reached if you choose to leave.

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