Who will be the next to sign Joe Hingira?

Joe Hingira is currently a semi-professional footballer who started his career in St Helens before he decided to move to the big city of Manchester to follow his dreams. currently signed under Tony Robinson’s agency (son who played for Premiere league team Arsenal Fc Tyrell Robinson.)

Giants Salford city fc team of the class of 92 captain had hard time as he unfortunately seen the exit before his desire of playing for the area he lives in. Ryan Giggs and the other money making 92 stared to buy their way to the promotion as they captured talent from higher leagues and brought them down. Furthermore, reassuring Joe that they would stay in touch and if he goes away and improves then he may find himself coming back with a contract if he was to drastically improve.

Like his boxer friend Tommy TNT Furry (brother of champion boxer Tyson Furry) said the previous love island star said “he’s a good lad him, he’s a big strong boy who is very quick and needs to focus if he wants to be where he wants to be”. Tommy then added “I would always see him at pure gym, and we would always work out together if not chatting to the gym ladies”

Joe Hingira was known to be a very hard-working individual on the pitch doing whatever he could to motivate his players. After having a rocky season when playing for the U18’s Joe saw himself in the eyes of the 1st team gaffer as he featured in a cup game being on the bench for current Stricker Danny Webber! at Salford He won coaches player of the year award meaning he finished the season on a positive in the picture it show Joe stood next to previous Bury Fc coach Ryan Kidd and Salford City college principle Phil Dolan who Joe says helped him a lot when developing as a player.

Joe has also featured in MTV dating shows but not quiet made it big time like his friend Tommy who is now happy in a relationship with Molly who landed a big £500k contract. Previously featuring on MTV show ‘Love Squad’ hosted by reality tv star Charlotte Dawson and being on this show gained Semi pro footballer Joe Hingira a lot more exposure

Semi-professional footballer Joe also went on by saying “I’m very proud and happy for Tommy, I would always see him working hard in the gym and was always destined for greatness and it’s amazing how he got a chance to be on ITV’s biggest and most watched show”

Semi-pro footballer Joe Hingira kept a low profile of his previous reality Tv encounter and therefore he hasn’t posted it on his social media. By Joe featuring on MTV show just shows he’s a fun outgoing individual who isn’t scared to try new things and is looking in other ways to enjoy himself when he’s not on the pitch. Joe is currently signed with an agency where his contract will end in 2021 where will he go next? who will sign him? let’s keep an eye out for him, let’s wait and see.

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