Fly Victor, Clive Jackson Sued in Second Civil Racketeering (“RICO”)

Fly Victor and Clive Henry Jackson are now facing a Civil Racketeering “RICO” Lawsuit that alleges the intentional fraudulent scheme and criminal enterprise to use Plaintiff’s intellectual property asset,, to steal industry revenue shares and, simultaneously, attract unsuspecting investors to provide millions of dollars of cash infusions to “RICO” Defendant Fly Victor – all with the end game of the filing a fraudulent administration/bankruptcy proceeding in London on or about February 9, 2020.

The lawsuit, filed in Florida Circuit Court, alleges: “RICO” Defendants Jackson, Vorster, Northover, and Rocha parlayed Plaintiff out of potentially tens of millions of dollars of revenue share remunerations for the use of its asset,, and at the same time, used Plaintiff’s asset to lure investors, including Sir Elton John and BP Ventures, LLP, to provide cash infusions to a ship leaking with fraudulent cash transfers to “RICO” Defendants Jackson, Northover, Vorster and their defunct entities disguised as “consulting fees.” Allegedly, when Plaintiff filed a federal lawsuit seeking redress for their wrongdoings against it, “RICO” Defendants engaged in a conspiracy to cover their tracks by manufacturing evidence and perpetrating a fraud upon the court.

The Complaint alleges that “[t]his lawsuit is based upon newly discovered evidence, much of which had been concealed from Plaintiff, which ties together the magnitude of fraud with an end game of Alyssum Holdings, Fly Victor’s parent company, filing for administration/bankruptcy.” It is further alleged that: “’RICO’ Defendants were successful in stealing millions from Plaintiff and serve the basis an award of consequential, treble and other damages in excess of Thirty Million Dollars ($30,000,000.00).”

The Complaint alleges: The “RICO” Defendants engaged in multiple acts of mail and wire fraud and money laundering in connection with their conduct of the affairs of the enterprise; including (1) the defrauding of the Plaintiff and others of revenues received by “RICO” Defendant Fly Victor generated through leads procured by; (2) the manipulation of corporate financial statements to lure unsuspecting investors and potential investors for purposes of acquiring capital infusions; (3) illegally laundering Plaintiff’s unpaid remunerations and investor capital infusions through a complex international corporate spiderweb designed to line the pockets of the “RICO” Defendants and their various corporate entities without detection; and (4) a plan to destroy PrivateJet’s brand and value by purposely violating USDOT and FAA regulations during “RICO” Defendant Fly Victor’s tenure as a licensee of PrivateJet.

“Our investigation into “RICO” Defendants continues and the Complaint is in the process of being served,” stated Attorney Farrow. If you have any information regarding these allegations, please contact:
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