Review of the Venturespreneur Pre-Built Shopify Store Method

If you’re venturing out into the complex world of e-commerce, you’re probably racking your brain with questions like which theme I want for my store, what kind of products I want to sell, and should I opt for a self-built or pre-built store? If you’re going with the latter, how will you know which stores for sale to buy?

At Venturespreneur, we take care of the nitty-gritty, so all you have to worry about is making a living off your new online business.

Pre-built Shopify stores niches:

We get it; every store is different. Surely you’ll want a unique theme and niche. Whether you’re going into fashion, fitness, wellness, tech, or pretty much any other industry, we’ll have a custom theme just for you. Our expert team stays on top of all the latest trends. We conduct extensive searches in various niches to ensure we’re always one (if not two) steps ahead of the game. When you’re entering into the highly competitive world of e-commerce, give yourself a leg up with Venturespreneur. We have pre-built stores with US and UK suppliers to ensure your customers will receive their products quickly.

Once a store is sold, it’s gone:

We love being able to express our client’s individuality and creativity here. Being major advocates of originality, we’ll never sell the same store twice, or build a copy of a past store. Don’t worry, though; we add new stores every week, so you always have plenty of stellar options to choose from.

What happens if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? Maybe you have a clear cut image in your head, or none of our pre-built shops speak to you. It seems like it’s time to go custom. You can order one of our customized stores with your selected niche. We’ll build an individual store just for you.

How we build our custom stores:

Maybe you want to create a totally unique, never-seen-before kind of online shop? We love that! Our customized stores are here so that you can take creative freedom. For us to build your brand new custom shop, all you have to do is tell us your vision. Let us know what you want your store to look like, your goals, and your concept. You’ll be teamed up with one of our project managers to collaborate further. Expect updates and progress reports on your new store throughout the entire process. We understand this shop is your baby, and it’s our job to bring your vision to life.

We’ll send over the first draft after 48 hours for our express stores and 5-7 days for premium stores. Need us to make tweaks, not a problem! Our team will swiftly make the changes. Once you’re 100% satisfied, we’ll proceed with the ownership transfer. You’re one step closer to starting your own online business.

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