Post Views: 9,580 From the police report: “Spencer Schar allegedly grabbed her by the throat, pushed her against the side of the house and punched her in the face” UPDATE: Spencer Schar was sued for HOA problems in Bella Collina Dwight Schar, the billionaire who controls everything in the Bella Collina community, gave his son Spencer Schar a job, to manage the Bella Collina community. Dwight Schar is also Dan Snyder‘s partner who owns the NFL Washington Football Team. Spencer Schar’s qualification to manage Bella Collina? Seems like none. Spencer Schar’s age and experience? Don Juravin thinks that Spencer Schar is too young and probably has no real experience in managing a community. Moreover, homeowners should be made aware that Spencer Schar can have a negative impact on homeowners’ investment. Spencer Schar’s personality? Rumor says he’s “a condescending young guy who drinks too much.” A Pattern Of Violence In The Schar Family?  Don Juravin thinks that there appears to be a pattern of force or violence in the Schar family that carries over to how they do business with their clients and customers. Don Juravin noted this and published a page, “Like Father Like Son?? Spencer Schar accused of physically … Continue reading SPENCER SCHAR, WHO ASSAULTED WOMEN, IS NOW BELLA COLLINA MANAGER