The Best Ways to Edit PDF Google Docs in 2021

Since PDF editors came around, the problem of editing PDFs and fillable forms is slowly becoming a distant memory. Of the many editors available, people use Google Docs as a Google PDF editor because of its many features.

But with so many features, users can get confused while trying to edit PDF in Google Docs. So are there alternative ways to edit PDF using Google Docs today? Yes, there are, and this article contains step-by-step instructions that anybody trying to use Google Docs to edit PDFs would love.

Why edit a PDF in Google Docs?

You may not even know that you can edit PDFs using what some now call “Google’s magic wand” for writers — Google Docs.

But you can! And there are many reasons why Google Docs is a popular online Word processor.

  • Google Docs is accessible.

Google Docs works on various devices and operating systems, and with an internet connection, synchronizes changes across all your devices. So you can start editing a PDF fillable form on your PC and finish up with your phone in a seamless experience.

  • Google Docs is easy to use.

You can use Google Docs for the first time and become familiar with the tool within a couple of minutes. So if you are looking for a document editing app that is easy to grasp, Google Docs is your safest bet.

  • Google Docs allows collaboration.

Google Docs allows many users to access a document at the same time. Once a document’s creator generates a sharable link, others can view, edit, and leave notes on the file in real-time.

  • Google Docs is free.

Many PDF editing apps include a payment obligation before you can use their premium tools. But you don’t need to pay to use Google Docs to edit your PDF. The company has made its tool available to all by requiring only a Google account, which costs nothing to create.

  • Google Docs allows text editing.

You can download blank PDF templates or edit ones with text on Google Docs. All you need to do is to convert the PDF to Word format using the software. For fillable PDF Google Docs also works well, as it allows you to add checkboxes, tables, and text boxes.

  • Google Docs saves automatically.

Google Docs has one-upped the “CTRL+S” feature that the Microsoft Word tool made famous by automatically saving your work while you edit it. You don’t have to worry about losing progress with this tool since it automatically saves every keystroke. You only need an internet connection — or you can activate the offline feature.

  • Google Docs has other advanced features.

Google Docs has advanced features that give you extra control when editing a PDF. For instance, you can add images to documents. The strike-through and the highlight features are also common in workplaces and collaborative circles.

How else can I edit a PDF?

Google Docs is not the only tool for editing a PDF; other software programs like Lumin PDF can substitute your Google Drive PDF editor.

LuminPDF can read the files in your Google Drive, make changes, and update the documents in your drive without exporting and re-uploading.

Here are the other editing operations you can perform with this PDF editor:

Sign e-signature

You may have to import your signature in image form on Google Docs. But with LuminPDF, you can sign right on the document without downloading it. As long as you have a stylus or precise mouse, you can sign electronic signatures using LuminPDF.

Create fillable forms

LuminPDF offers you the option of creating fillable forms using the PDF form creator. You can fill PDF form online or create one for others to fill using this powerful editor. While Google Docs can also make PDF forms, it doesn’t give you the same creative freedom as LuminPDF.

Merge PDFs

If you need to merge PDFs on Google Docs, you will have to do a lot of converting and editing to produce decent results. But with LuminPDF, you can combine individual PDFs into one document in fewer steps, which is helpful for people who want fast results.

Split PDFs

Splitting PDFs on Google Docs involves converting and splitting the document by pages. On the other hand, LuminPDF has a function dedicated to handling the same task. Its PDF splitting feature is so refined that it produces separate PDFs without reducing the quality of the files.

Annotate PDFs

You can take notes on PDFs using LuminPDF. The software lets you add sticky notes and comments to PDFs to collaborate with other users of the document.

Create PDFs

When trying to edit PDF Google Drive Android and iOS users can’t create a  PDF template because the mobile app has limited functions. But they can download a blank PDF template online and use the LuminPDF software to edit it.

Key features to consider when editing PDFs in 2021

You can get online PDF invitation templates free of charge, but you must consider a few things before finalizing your choice.

  • Document size

The size of the document you want to edit determines the process you should follow. The smaller the file, the easier editing will be, especially when merging or splitting the document. And some PDF editors have limits to the PDF file sizes they can edit, so check your PDF tool to ensure it can handle the file you have.

  • PDF source (text-based or graphics-based)

If your PDF is text-based, you can use any run-of-the-mill PDF editor to edit it. But if you are editing a graphics-based PDF document, you need a more sophisticated tool. LuminPDF editor gives you the same level of control over text-based and graphics-based PDFs.

  • Advanced AI tools

Some PDF editors like LuminPDF come with advanced AI tools that suggest changes to a PDF. They can also download elements in your file, convert, edit and secure your PDFs faster. Only top-quality PDF editors like Adobe Acrobat and LuminPDF can boast of these AI tools.

  • Security

A premium PDF editor should allow you to protect the document’s contents. If you are handling a PDF with sensitive details like people’s bank details, passwords, or a company’s financial valuation, you need a powerful editor to protect the document. That way, only people you give access to the document can view its contents.

  • Additional features

There are other features in PDF editors that make the editing process smooth. These features come as add-ons, like the merge and split PDF feature on LuminPDF. Try some of those functions out and see if they improve your PDF editing process.


If you work in a corporate environment, expect to handle PDF files at some point. To stay in the loop, you should learn how to streamline the editing process.

You need capable editors to tweak PDFs, and while Google Docs isn’t a dedicated PDF editor, it will get the job done most of the time.

If you want to edit PDF online Google Docs, integrating LuminPDF with Google Drive will eliminate the need to download, edit and re-upload documents. It also promotes collaboration, prevents file loss, and is a capable stand-in PDF editor for individuals and businesses.

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