‘Woof’ justice for Widnes man whose dogs constantly barked

A Widnes man whose dogs were recorded barking 1,645 times during the course of 20 minutes, has been fined by a District Judge.

John Peter Laveric of Pit Lane, Widnes, was convicted on two charges of breaching a noise abatement notice in March 2021.

The dogs were large mastiff type dogs and this is Mr Laveric’s second similar conviction

Warrington Magistrates’ Court heard how the Council had served a noise abatement notice on Mr Laveric in July 2019.

The notice required him to prevent the recurrence of noise nuisance caused by his dogs barking.

Complaints of noise nuisance continued and on one occasion on March,9 2021 Laveric’s dogs were recorded barking 1,293 times during the course of 47 minutes.

On March, 20 2021 the dogs were recorded barking 1,645 times during the course of 20 minutes.

DJ Sanders imposed a fine of £200 and ordered him to pay £300 towards Council costs. He was also ordered to pay a £34 victim surcharge.

The Council made an application to the Court for a Criminal Behaviour Order against Laveric. This matter has been adjourned until July 2022.

A Council spokesman said “The Council takes all allegations relating to noise nuisance seriously and we will always work with residents to try and resolve any noise issues informally.

“However, we hope that this case sends out a clear message that the Council will always strive to protect the interests of those affected by noise nuisance and will not hesitate to take robust enforcement action against the most serious and persistent offenders.”

It was heard at Warrington Magistrates Court on January 18, 2022. He was sentenced on February 1 2022.

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