Have your say on Hartlepool Borough Council elections

Residents of Hartlepool are being invited to give their views on the future shape of Borough Council elections.

They are being asked to say whether they support a change to “whole council” elections or prefer to continue with the current system of “elections by thirds”.

They can make their views known by taking part in an online consultation that is running until February 27th on Hartlepool Borough Council’s digital engagement and consultation platform, Your Say Our Future.

They can access the consultation and find out more at https://yoursay.hartlepool.gov.uk/local-council-elections

The Council comprises 36 councillors in 12 electoral wards, with each ward represented by three councillors.

It currently uses a ‘by thirds’ electoral system which means that over four years, elections are held in years one, two and three for one of the three councillors in each ward. In the fourth year there are no elections.

The alternative “whole council” election option would see all councillors up for election at the same time, once every four years.

The consultation relates only to Hartlepool Borough Council local elections and any change would come in to effect in 2024. Parish, Parliamentary, Police and Crime Commissioner and Combined Authority Mayoral elections will all continue in their current form.

The consultation is taking place following a recommendation by the Council’s Constitution Committee which was approved by Full Council on 16th December last year. The results will be considered at a special meeting of Full Council next month where councillors will make a final decision.

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