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Sculpture Challenge poster

Imperial’s Dreamteam will host their first student-led installation challenge this summer, driving synergy between art and science.

The 2022 Sculpture Challenge will provide students the opportunity to collaborate and bring their vision to reality, resulting in the winning sculpture having a permanent presence at the White City Campus.

The Challenge is to create an original work which will become a permanent installation on Campus. The kick-off event will take place on Friday 13 May, concluding on Saturday 18 June, when the final winners will be announced. Throughout the Challenge month, teams will have access to the facilities at the White City Advanced Hackspace, Imperial’s accessible prototyping space which includes 3D printers, laser cutters, and traditional manufacturing techniques.

Advanced Hackspace
Advanced Hackspace at White City Campus

“I’m really thrilled that so many eminent people have come together to support the Sculpture Challenge – it’s a great opportunity for our hugely talented community to show the world what is actually possible when Science & Art collide!Professor Nick MunroVisiting Professor at Dyson School of Design Engineering

The Challenge is open to all Imperial students. The team is looking for 25 skilled and motivated participants to make up 5 teams of 5, who are ready to apply their talents and shape the artistic landscape of Imperial. £1,000 prize money has been donated by the Imperial President’s Community Fund.

The Hackathon is led by Imperial Dreamteam –  a new design consultancy based at the Dyson School of Design Engineering at Imperial. Founded by Professor Nick Munro, the team is made up of brilliant students and directed by seasoned practitioners to deliver inspired, innovative, meaningful solutions that combine art, science, craft, technology and entrepreneurship.

 From a standing start in 2020, Dreamteam have already delivered impactful outcomes on projects ranging from Hi-Tech facemasks to ‘revolutionary’ BMX hubs and have ongoing projects including ‘Albertopolis’ Chess sets and sustainable ‘Pentomino’ Chocolate, and they have been working closely with the Imperial Artworks Group these last few months to bring the Sculpture Challenge to light.

Interested in applying? Join our virtual briefing on February 14th to find out more about the Challenge.



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