Clean-up initiative helps to build harmonious community

Students concerned about the amount of litter and rubbish around New City College’s Arbour Square campus took matters into their own hands and organised a clean-up.

Anisha Hussain, Esther Hayward, Rahaman Bin Abdul Jalil and Ciara Driscoll, who all study at Attlee A Level Academy, in East London, suggested the Keep our Campus and Community Clean initiative and also volunteered to carry out the work!

The four rolled up their sleeves, cleaning the front of Arbour Square, sweeping the streets, gathering leaves and picking up discarded litter, drinks and food cartons.

Some of the litter collected will be used in a student art project that will encourage keeping the campus and local area clean.

Rahaman said the students first thought about a clean-up scheme after green initiatives were introduced at college.

He said: “There are multiple reasons why this initiative is important.  We want to help maintain the local community environment as that will be beneficial to everyone. Also, it is good for us as young people to have our voice, ideas and opinions heard. There are some negative stereotypes about young people not caring about the environment and I feel this initiative will show fellow students and the wider community that we do care and we are ready to take action.

“Another reason for the initiative is because it highlights the importance of going green and being more eco-friendly. We want to strike a change in Tower Hamlets and have an impact.”

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