Support is available for anyone in Coventry and Warwickshire affected by suicide – Coventry City Council

Coventry City Council and Warwickshire County Council would like to remind people affected by suicide that free and confidential support is available to help them through this difficult time.

When someone dies by taking their own life, this can create a ripple throughout the community, having an impact on many people in lots of different ways.  Whether you are grieving a loved one, a friend or colleague, or whether you have been affected by suicide as a passer-by or at work, you may be faced with a lot of complex emotions. Feelings such as sadness, guilt, shock, anger, frustration, confusion and isolation are common and can be really difficult to process.

To reassure people, no matter how they have been affected, that they don’t have to struggle on their own and that support is available to them, the councils have commissioned a new service.

Support after suicide provider Amparo can offer specialist help to anyone living in Coventry or Warwickshire who has been bereaved or affected by suicide in any way.

Amparo provides free emotional and practical support in a range of ways based on an individual’s needs. This may include one-to-one individual advice, help dealing with police and coroners, dealing with media enquiries, support and guidance up to and including an inquest and help to access other local support services.

Richard Brown manages the Amparo service in Coventry and Warwickshire, he said:

“Amparo is designed to offer support to people going through something which most of us find unimaginable. The process following a suspected suicide can be lengthy and complex.  Amparo’s Liaison Workers are able to offer expert advice and guidance to support people through this time.

“We know that those bereaved by suicide are at much higher risk of suicide themselves, so it is crucial we are able to provide immediate help and support to those bereaved.  Amparo can help with a lot of the practical issues that arise when suicide is suspected or confirmed.”

Coventry City Council portfolio holder for Public Health and Sport, Cllr Kamran Caan said:

“We are delighted to be working with Amparo in continuing this important work in supporting those bereaved by suicide.

“We have been prioritising working with our partners to raise awareness, address the stigma, and reduce the rates of suicide in Coventry. This includes supporting Amparo and promoting their profile and service offer to all frontline workers who are most likely to be in contact with those affected by a suspected suicide including coroner’s officers, GPs, firefighters, paramedics and police officers.

“It is of utmost importance that no-one feels alone whether that be individuals struggling with their own mental health or the family and friends left behind after losing someone to suicide. We would encourage everyone in our community to familiarise themselves with the Amparo service and share with anyone that could benefit from support.” 

Warwickshire County Council’s portfolio holder for Adult Social Care and Health, Cllr Margaret Bell said:

“In Warwickshire, we recognise that the grief experienced by anyone who has been affected by suicide can be incredibly difficult to process and it is so important that we can provide this specialist support through Amparo to help people through some of their most difficult times.

“It’s important to highlight that the service is not just for those who have been affected by a recent suicide, but for anyone who may have been affected at some point in the past, perhaps never processing their feelings or coming to terms with the grief at the time. Amparo can help you to find ways of coping in the weeks, months and even years after.

“We want to make sure that no one feels alone in dealing with their grief or experience of suicide and I would encourage anyone in need of support to get in touch with Amparo today.”

The service can be accessed by calling 0330 088 9255, by emailing or through an online referral form.

Amparo’s local Liaison Workers aim to make initial contact within 24 hours of a referral being made and will work with people for as long as the service is felt to be required.

Find out more about Amparo and the services offered.

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