Top tips for student parents & carers

The University of Bedfordshire is proud of its diverse community of students with varied backgrounds which includes mature learners, parents and those with care responsibilities.

Balancing parenting and care duties while studying can be challenging at times but Bedfordshire and Beds SU both have a variety of support services available for all students – including financial advice, mental health support and counselling – to ensure everyone can get the most out their learning and university experience. Beds SU have also started running special events for student parents and their children.

Before becoming Beds SU Co-President, Laura Tamara experienced first-hand how to juggle studying while raising her three children. She recently penned a blog post, featuring her top tips for fellow student parents and carers…

1) Carpe Diem cease the day. Procrastination is the enemy of success, and the early bird catches the worm. Set an alarm, wake up and get moving as early as possible to increase your productivity levels

2) Create a workspace in your home and use it to read, think and write. Use a calendar to manage your time and schedule assignment deadlines

3) If you feel comfortable to do so, tell others about your caring responsibilities. It often helps to talk to others. Finding some like-minded support is crucial to staying motivated and focused.  Accept support from others whether it emotionally or practically – everyone needs a friend

4) Inform the university of your caring responsibilities before you begin your studies. When you start your course, familiarise yourself with teaching staff and inform them of your caring responsibilities also. You don’t have to feel shy about sharing this information with the University of Bedfordshire or Beds SU

5) Familiarise yourself with the interruption of studies policy in case you have a change of circumstances and need to take a break. If it all starts to get too much then come and talk to the Student Support team or Beds SU to discuss your options

6) Everyone feels overwhelmed at some point in their academic journey – this is perfectly normal. Provided you are not constantly feeling this way, it could be an opportunity to stretch yourself and master time management

7) A significant percentage of our students are considered mature (aged 21 or over on the first day of studies). Enjoy socialising with the diverse and varied students we have at the University of Bedfordshire!

8) The University’s library is an awesome place and I recommend spending time there to study. Familiarise yourself with the e-books and other resources available online

Read the full blog post here.

For more information about services available to students, visit the Student Experience team’s Support+ webpages.

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