Exciting improvements for Council’s Planning and Development Management service

Eden District Council is set to invest in and further improve its “very good” Planning and Development Management function.

Supported by a recent Local Government Association review, the Council has identified a list of key areas in which it can enhance its service.

Plans are being tabled to recruit a new member of staff to provide additional pre-application advice and support for major developers, in order to produce a higher quality of submitted planning applications more attuned to Council policies. An improved online portal will also allow for more efficient processing of applications.

Also in the works are increased resources to deal with planning enforcement, particularly in regard to developers and property owners not complying with planning restrictions.

Specialist support for development management, planning policy and environmental sustainability work is set to be brought in too: a skillset likely to be in high demand due to the new duties arising from the Environment Act.

The six-figure investment proposal is to be reviewed shortly by the Council’s Executive.

The Council is also delighted to announce that new Planning Services Development Manager, Richard Fox, has joined the team.

With over 30 years’ planning experience in local Government and in running his own business, Richard brings a wealth of expertise to Eden.

In his new role as Planning Services Development Manager, he will work with the twelve-strong team of planning professionals, whose aim is to ensure that all new developments are built to high aesthetic and sustainable standards, whilst providing benefit to the local community.

Richard said, “I have worked in many different environments from inner cities to the home counties, but none can compare with the unparalleled beauty of Eden. In spite of its position next to two national parks, the District has planning challenges: accessibility and employment opportunities being two of them.

“I am delighted to have been given a chance to live and work in an area I have been fond of all my life. I relish the opportunities and challenges ahead, for example local government reorganisation and hope that I can make a difference.”


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