Walk-in sessions available for Covid Boosters and Vaccinations to protect you, your family and friends

As we head into the New Year people are being encouraged to get their Covid boosters and vaccinations as soon as possible to help protect themselves, their Walk-in sessions available for Covid Boosters and Vaccinations to protect you, your family and friends.

A number of vaccination ‘Walk-in’ sites are also available in north Cumbria in locations such as: St Paul’s in Carlisle, Seascale Pharmacy, Newton Rigg Sports Hall at Penrith and Green Tree Pharmacy at Kirkby Stephen providing more opportunities for people to get their jabs.

Further information on these sites with links to dates, times and the vaccinations available at: https://northcumbriaccg.nhs.uk/walkins

There are 3 ways to get you jab:

People are still asked to book appointments in advance for sites, wherever possible, to help vaccination teams to manage their vaccine supplies. Walk-ins are available at some sites (although appointments will be prioritised) This is especially helpful for people who aren’t registered with a GP or don’t have an NHS number who are also especially welcome to visit these sites.

Figures show that across north Cumbria around 65% of people aged over 12 have now had their booster. To view the latest information on vaccinations by an interactive map visit: https://coronavirus.data.gov.uk/details/interactive-map/vaccinations.

Helena Gregory, Pharmacy and Medicines Lead for NHS North Cumbria Clinical Commissioning Group said: “We would urge anyone who hasn’t yet had your vaccine or is eligible for a booster to get it as soon as they can. Whether you are only just eligible for the booster, so three months since your second vaccination, or anyone who has had to delay getting their booster because you have had Covid.

“There is obviously a big push at the moment for people to get their boosters to help in the fight against the omicron variant, but we are also reminding people who might have changed their minds that the vaccine offer doesn’t expire and you are always welcome for your first or second jabs.

“The festive season was a busy time for many but as we now head into 2022 I would urge everyone to prioritise protecting yourself against Covid by getting your vaccine – whether this means booking through the National System, attending one of our ‘Walk-in’ sites or GP vaccination appointments.

“This will reduce your risk of becoming seriously unwell if you do catch the virus. All of our teams across the county continue to work incredibly hard, supported by fantastic volunteers to ensure that we can offer this important layer of protection as far and as wide as possible.”

People are reminded that:

  • if you have tested positive for Covid-19 you must wait four weeks (28 days)
  • you are only able to have a second vaccination if it is at least 8 weeks since your first jab
  • you will only be able to have your Covid booster if it has been at least 3 months (12 weeks) since your 2nd jab
  • not all centres can vaccinate those 17 and under, please check details of site before attending or use the national booking system to be sure
  • 12-17 years olds should be 12 weeks free of Covid and 12 weeks after their first jab before getting their second.

The National Booking System is available at: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/coronavirus-vaccination/

Find out more about vaccinations and who is eligible at: https://www.northcumbriaccg.nhs.uk/covidvaccine

For the latest updates follow the CCG on Facebook at: facebook.com/nhscumbriaccg or Twitter at: twitter.com/NHSCumbriaCCG

Links to information on COVID Vaccination Walk-in sites in north Cumbria:


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