Our Trust’s ongoing policies around COVID-19

Just to clarify our Trust position in regards to recent changes regarding COVID-19 nationally and to put a few minds at ease if you have loved ones staying with us:

  • All colleagues are required to wear a mask at all times when on hospital grounds.
  • All colleagues are asked to lateral flow test twice weekly to check for any potential asymptomatic cases of coronavirus.
  • All colleagues are asked to isolate if they lateral flow test positive, or are symptomatic of the COVID-19, and require a PCR test.
  • All colleagues, if positive, are asked to isolate for a minimum of five days. On day five they will undertake a lateral flow test, and again 24 hours later. If both tests are negative, and they are well, they may return to work on day six. If not, they continue isolating until they get two negatives 24 hours apart.

Our hospitals are still operating yellow and blue pathways, to ensure that we minimise any potential for cross-infection for those vulnerable patients without COVID. Finally we have rapid COVID-19 screening available in various areas for both patients and staff. Results take around 15 minutes. We are doing all of the above to try and minimise carriage of coronavirus into our hospitals as best as we can. We still have very vulnerable patients with us, as well as those in recovery following surgeries, and we must try and tackle all infection. We hope this puts a few minds at ease!

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