Council approves 2022/23 budget – Doncaster Council

Full Council has today (28 February) approved the 2022/23 council budget which protects the most vulnerable across the borough and provides resources to improve opportunities.

The council now has 28% less to spend on services in real terms than it did in 2010/11 which creates challenges and represents a £335 reduction per resident.

This budget provides sufficient resources to enable front line services to continue to deliver at their current service levels despite increased service pressures and rising inflation. An additional £750,000  has been allocated for additional apprenticeships within the council which will target hard to fill roles. Covid has not gone away, the budget proposals ensure specific resources are available for Covid infection control and prevention measures during 2022/23.

Some difficult decisions have been made to balance the budget and meet an overall recurrent budget gap of £13.1m in 2022/23. Savings have been necessary but where ever possible these minimise the impact on service delivery.  These savings will be delivered through new ways of working, deployment of technology and generating additional income without negatively impacting on critical services.  Overall these budget proposals meet the £21.7m budget gap over the 3 years.

The budget includes a Council Tax increase of 1.99% alongside a further 2.5% increase for Adult Social Care (4.49% in total). The Adult Social Care precept is specifically used to contribute towards the additional Adult Social Care funding pressures.

Overall this will increase Band A Council Tax by 83p per week and Band D by £1.25 per week. To offset the impact of this and to help support those residents who are struggling, the Local Council Tax Reduction scheme remains in place and is supplemented by the introduction of a hardship support payment of up to £300 per household per annum. In addition, the Local Assistance Scheme funds will be increased by £450,000 to provide a safety net for periods of hardship experienced by families.

Doncaster will still continue to have the lowest council tax in South Yorkshire and one of the lowest overall in comparison to other councils of similar size in the country.

Within the capital budget an estimated £386.9m of capital investment is planned over the next four years that will continue to stimulate growth and prosperity, with £141.6m of spend estimated for 2022/23.

The council is investing in projects to further improve core services such as education, housing, infrastructure, leisure and culture, as well as attracting investors and visitors to the borough. This includes £196.8m investment in the council’s social housing stock over the next four years, covering maintenance, adaptions and the new build programme.

A further £29.9m is proposed for continued investment over the next year in our leisure facilities, retained public buildings and fleet replacement with the acquisition of electric vehicles being prioritised where possible.

There is also an additional £6m for improving the condition of our roads, with the focus being on adopted estate roads on a ‘worst first’ basis. This will also include £1m towards roads safety improvements.

The full budget reports including the housing revenue account which includes a 4.1% council house rent increase are available to view on the council meeting agenda page

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