Affordable Housing Strategy Progress – Latest news from Mole Valley District Council

On 8 March 2022, Mole Valley District Council’s (MVDC) Scrutiny committee will be asked to consider progress made in the past year directly relating to the key aims outlined in the Affordable Housing Strategy 2020-25.

The Affordable Housing Strategy 2020 to 2025 sets out MVDC’s ambitions to deliver new affordable homes to meet local needs, whilst also looking at alternative methods of delivery too. Having been adopted in 2020, this is the second annual review to be brought to the Scrutiny Committee.

There are 76 homes planned for delivery by 2024. One had been completed this year and 17 homes are under construction for delivery in 2022/23. Planning and contract matters are in progress for other development sites and all current leads for potential affordable housing developments are being pursued.

12 of the homes to complete in 2022/23 are being developed by the Poland Trust in Brockham and will be available for social rent. The scheme is being highlighted by Surrey Community Action as best practice in Rural and Community Led Housing. MVDC’s Local Plan was approved for submission to the Secretary of State on 3 February and will now be independently examined by a Planning Inspector. An adopted Local Plan will enable a number of the Affordable Housing Strategy actions to be undertaken and completed in the district.

Councillor Caroline Salmon, MVDC’s Cabinet Member for Community Services, said: “Problems relating to the pandemic over the last two years, have impacted on the delivery of new, affordable properties across Mole Valley, but we continue to push forward with our key aim to support the growing number of local residents who need the stability of affordable accommodation enabling them to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives near to family and friends.  

“Our Affordable Housing Strategy and the draft Mole Valley Local Plan 2020 to 2037, encourage Housing Associations and Developers to provide more new affordable properties. These units will be required to put Fabric First, which should result in high quality eco-friendly homes that support our Climate Change strategy. 

“Our efforts to deliver as many affordable homes as possible over the next two years will continue, although we remain realistic that limitations are imposed on us by unprecedented circumstances, cause by the pandemic, Brexit and the instability in Europe.”


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