Nearly 94 per cent of Barnsley children get their first choice of secondary school for September

It’s National Offer Day and parents have been informed which secondary school their children will start in September. We have been able to offer 2687 children (93.6 per cent) their first choice of secondary school.

Applying online not only makes the application process more streamlined for parents, but it also makes it quicker for families to receive their secondary school offer. We are pleased to see that 99.7 per cent of parents applied for their child’s secondary school place online – an increase of 1.5 per cent on last year.

We have seen an increase in applications this year, with 2871 applications, up from 2690 last year. With 2687 (93.6 per cent) receiving their first choice, 91 (3.2 per cent) were offered their second choice of school and nine (0.3 per cent) got their third choice.

84 children (2.9 per cent) did not get any of their preferred choices but have been allocated a school place at an alternative school by our school admissions team.

Councillor Trevor Cave, Cabinet Spokesperson for Children’s Services, said: “We want every child and young person in Barnsley to be able to excel in their education and achieve their full potential. I am therefore delighted to see so many children in our borough being offered a place at their first choice secondary school for September. This could not be possible without effective partnership working between our school admissions team and Barnsley’s secondary schools.

“We recognise that some children and families may have received disappointing news today, and we will support them in their next steps. Please notify our team in writing if you didn’t want to accept the place offered within ten working days of receiving the offer.

“Those who haven’t received a place for their child at their chosen school can complete a Notice of Appeal form and return it to us by Thursday 31 March. Appeals will be held between May and June 2021.”

Our admissions team are happy to support any parents who may wish to appeal with appropriate advice and guidance about the process. They can be contacted by emailing or calling (01226) 773677.

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