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Patients with lower limb issues across the Tees Valley are benefitting from a new day procedure – thanks to a surgeon’s new approach.

Manju Ramappa in front of Hartlepool hospitalNorth Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust is now performing knee and hip replacement operations as a ‘day-case’ procedure.

The new operation, carried out by consultant orthopaedic surgeon Manju Ramappa, means patients have the procedure and leave hospital on the same day.

There are two main benefits – quicker recovery times for patients and a significant cost-saving to the organisation.

The procedure at the University Hospital of Hartlepool is not suitable for every patient – but for those who it is appropriate, it provides early mobilisation and a shorter stay in hospital.

Chris Tulloch, deputy medical director, said: “This procedure is the future of healthcare – and we are delighted to be leading the way with it in Hartlepool, thanks to Mr Ramappa.

“We know most patients would prefer to spend as short a time as possible in hospital. They would rather be home, recovering somewhere where they are comfortable.

“Not only that, getting patients up and moving soon after surgery leads to quicker recovery times. The times of patients spending several days in bed following planned surgery are in the past.

“Another benefit of day case surgery is the significant saving to the organisation.

“Keeping patients in hospital comes at a rapidly rising cost. Any money we save through an initiative like this is invested back into patient care.

“It is directly benefitting our patients in several different ways.”

Mr Ramappa, who started the knee and hip day-case procedures in August last year, said: “I am very pleased that I am able to contribute to improving patient care and also contribute towards significant savings to the organisation.

“Improving cost effectiveness without compromising patient care is essential for NHS. It helps us to develop our services further and to improve patient care.

“Thanks to the support of the organisation and the wider multi-disciplinary team, we have successfully started this surgery and plan to expand further in the coming months.”


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