Latest performance report reveals positive progress in Growing and Healthy Barnsley

The borough’s museums are helping to strengthen and recover Barnsley’s economy with 377,770 visitors to our museums and outdoor sites, which is the highest number of visitors we’ve ever had for quarter three.

We’ve also supported 37 businesses to grow during quarter three adding to the total of 129 businesses helped to expand between April and December. This means we’ve already achieved our annual target.

Here’s a snapshot of highlights and achievements made from October to December 2021: 

Healthy Barnsley

  • Excess winter deaths remain within 3% of the national average (17.4%) and Barnsley is 18.3%.
  • Re-referral to children’s social care service for the last 12 months remains below target at 17.3% and below the national average of 22.7%.
  • Anti-social behaviour across the borough continues to remain the lowest across South Yorkshire.
  • 884 people have accessed reablement services in quarter three, this is well above the target of 750.

Learning Barnsley

  • 71.2% of care leavers are in employment, education, or training, this is above national (52%) and regional (50.1%) averages.
  • Library visits have increased by 23.2% compared to quarter two.
  • Take up of two-year-old childcare is at 84% above the national (62%) and regional (67%) average.
  • 98% of early years settings have been judged as good or outstanding.

Growing Barnsley

  • There were 18 new business starts which brings a total of 64 for the year so far.
  • 176 new homes were built, and 52 properties were retrofitted through the affordable warmth project.

Sustainable Barnsley

  • Fly tipping incidents reported are below target.
  • 3% of household waste diverted from landfill. 

Enabling Barnsley

  • The number of people accessing Local Council Tax support has started to fall as people have returned to work.
  • 1.93% of employees are apprentices, against the target of 1.73%. This equates to 93 actual apprenticeship starts between April and December. 

Cllr Alan Gardiner, Cabinet Spokesperson for Core Services, said: “As we continue to look towards the future and recovering our economy, we’re firmly committed to supporting our businesses and ensuring that Barnsley’s open for business with our thriving town centres and local high streets.

“We’re really proud of our excellent cultural attractions, museums and beautiful outdoor spaces. We’re pleased that you can enjoy them with your friends and families and benefit from being happier and healthier.

“This quarter shows another strong performance across our five priorities, which is a testament to the continued hard work of our employees and support from our partners and communities.” 

Our latest performance report will be presented to cabinet members for approval on Wednesday, 9 March 2022, sets out the progress made between October and December 2021 (quarter three) towards achieving our vision and ambitions for Barnsley – as set out in our new three-year Council Plan 2021-24.  

The full cabinet report is available in the cabinet papers. 

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