Barnsley crematorium donates £15,000 to Macmillan Cancer Support

A generous donation of £15,000 donated to Macmillan Cancer Support from Barnsley Crematorium will help fund cancer services in the town.

The money has been raised through the recycling of metals scheme, which is overseen by the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management, whereby metals from medical implants are recycled after cremation.

The scheme has raised tens of thousands of pounds for various charities in recent years, with full approval from families required for the process to go ahead.

Anthony Devenport, Head of Bereavement, Environment, Sport and Travel Assistance said: “With permission of the bereaved families, we are able to recycle metals from the cremation process and monies raised are donated to charity. We were delighted to donate the funds from last year to Macmillan’s Yorkshire Appeal, knowing that, from what is a difficult time for families who have lost a loved one, we can make a difference to people dealing with cancer.

“The scheme is a success on many fronts as it stops metal being sat in the ground forever and, with the cost of metal on the up, a significant amount of money can be raised to help various charities. We wanted the money to stay local and, knowing the excellent work Macmillan does in Barnsley, were delighted to donate the funds to the Yorkshire Appeal.”

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