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A competition, open to Babergh and Mid Suffolk residents, to find Norfolk and Suffolk’s most Tasty Toastie launches today.

New research from Food Savvy reveals that bread is the item of food most frequently thrown away by people living in Norfolk and Suffolk. Over a quarter (26%) of residents say they often throw unused bread in the bin, contributing to a whopping 20 million slices of bread thrown away every day in the UK – that’s 1 million loaves a day going to waste.

Food Savvy is a collaboration between the Suffolk Waste Partnership which includes Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils, Norfolk County Council and environmental charity Hubbub. Entries to their Tasty Toastie competition open today, the start of Food Waste Action Week across the UK, in a bid to inspire residents to try new ways to make the most of those leftover slices.

Saving food from waste is not only better for the planet, but also better for the pocket, as the average household in Norfolk and Suffolk throws away £720 of food per year.

The Tasty Toastie competition is open to residents across Norfolk and Suffolk to design a toasted sandwich that will save the foods that often go to waste in their kitchens. To be in with a chance of winning, residents are invited to submit their recipe, drawing, quick film or photo via email. The best ideas from each of Norfolk and Suffolk will be chosen in the following age categories:

  • Primary school pupils (up to age 11)
  • Secondary school pupils (aged 11 to 18)
  • Adults (aged 18 and over)

The six category winners will each win a £50 voucher for cooking equipment, a cookbook of their choice and a Food Savvy apron. They will also be invited to a cook along in April with Suffolk-based Instagram food stars Joey and Katy, who will choose the ultimate Tasty Toastie.

Hungry for that prize? Share your best Toastie before the closing date on 10 April.

Suffolk-based, foodie influencers, Joey and Katy, said:

“We love creating a ‘fridge-foraged toastie’ to use up any odds and ends. Stale bread soaks up extra flavour and crisps up fantastically when pan-fried with butter. If you’ve got a nubbin of hardened cheese to use up, try grating this into the pan towards the end of cooking – it will fix itself to the outside of your toasty and offer a crunchy cheesy crust with maximum flavour! Older tomatoes, left-over herbs, and slightly floppy spring onions are all brilliant additions, and a spoonful of pesto, chutney, or diced jalapeños are great flavour boosters too!”

Cllr James Mallinder, chairman of the Suffolk Waste Partnership, said:

“The #FoodSavvy campaign is all about promoting simple and easy ways to ensure food avoids the bin and what could be simpler than making the most of the bread in your kitchen cupboard? So why not join in with our Tasty Toasty competition, make something delicious and reduce the shocking amount of food that is thrown away in Suffolk every year. This will not only save you money but will also help fight climate change!”

Mark Breen, senior creative partner at Hubbub, said:

“There are few things more comforting than a delicious toastie, and they are a simple and easy way to reduce food waste. The last few slices of a loaf which are past their best for a fresh sandwich can still be enjoyed hot, with a traditional filling of melted cheese, ham or tuna. We’re looking forward to seeing what other imaginative ideas people come up with. Whether you like your toastie stuffed with spag bol or chocka with chocolate and banana, let us know and we’ll share your best ideas.”

To find out more about the Tasty Toastie competition and for Joey and Katy’s top toastie tips, visit the Food Savvy website

Launched in 2018, Food Savvy puts Norfolk and Suffolk at the forefront of the UK’s efforts to combat food waste. Over the past three years of Food Savvy, 100 people have signed up to the Food Savvy Challenge, Food Savvy has secured over 100 new partnerships, launched 21 campaigns, and took part in or hosted 75 events and workshops which 21,500 people have got involved with.

Top three Food Savvy tips to make sure you eat absolutely everything you buy:    

  • Plan like a pro – get everyone in your house involved in suggesting the meals and snacks that they would like to eat over the week. Check your cupboards, fridge and freezer before writing a list and hitting the shops.
  • Store food right – storing food the right way means it’ll last for much longer. Whether it’s keeping onions in a cool dry place or getting milk into the fridge or freezer. Head to the Food Savvy website to find out how well you’re doing.
  • Love your leftovers – if you’ve cooked too much, cool it, and get it in to the fridge as quickly as possible then thoroughly reheat or reinvent it within two days (one for rice).

If you’re ready to start saving money and reducing your food waste, then head over to the Food Savvy website now for lots more tips and inspiration.

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