Prosecution for blue badge misuse

Barnsley Council has secured another conviction as part of our crackdown on blue badge misuse. 

David Atkinson, aged 55, of West End Avenue in Barnsley, pleaded guilty to using an expired blue badge without the badge holder being present while parked on Blucher Street in Barnsley. Mr Atkinson was fined and ordered to pay a total of £174.

A charge was brought under the Road Traffic Regulations Act 1984 at Barnsley Magistrates Court on Monday, 28 February.

Cllr Alan Gardiner, Cabinet Spokesperson for Core Services, said: “We’re committed to taking action against Blue Badge fraud and misuse.

“We want to send out a clear message to people of the consequences for misusing a blue badge. It’s a criminal offence that could result in a fine of up to £1,000 and confiscation of the badge.

“Our Corporate Anti-fraud team continues to investigate reports of misuse of blue badges and has a zero-tolerance policy regarding misuse of badges and, wherever appropriate, submit cases for prosecution.

“Most blue badge holders use their badges legitimately, but a minority misuse them for their benefit. This means fewer disabled parking bays are available for those who really need them.”

Residents are urged to contact Barnsley Council if their circumstances change, including if a blue badge is no longer needed, lost or stolen, or there are changes to a name or address. Further information can be found at

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