Students’ efforts add up to national Maths Challenge final

There were three entry categories:

  • The Funkies, for students who achieved GCSE grade 1
  • The Ein2stiens, for those who gained a GCSE grade 2
  • Go Forth – for students who achieved GCSE grade 3

For the first round, students completed a Kahoot quiz in class and winners from each class went through to the College Final. There they completed a Tarsia puzzle and Kahoot quiz. The pair with the highest score in each category were presented with a trophy, certificates and Amazon vouchers.

The 12 winning students will represent NCC in the national finals on Wednesday 23rd March at the University of East London, competing against students from colleges including Newcastle, Stoke-on-Trent, Leicester, Greater Brighton Metropolitan and Leyton Sixth Form College, among many others.

One student said: “The competition was really good. Having more practical challenges does help. It’s about maths that applies to the real world, which is what I like.”

Emma James, Group Curriculum Director for Maths at NCC, said: “It’s great to finally have a national competition for our students, which caters for all levels. They really enjoyed the competitive nature of the challenge, and our 12 finalists will represent NCC at the grand final at the University of East London. The students have done a wonderful job, and I’m sure they will do us proud in the final.”

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