Independent arbitration service validates Council’s claims on bin lorry driver pay – Coventry City Council

Coventry City Council has called on Unite to call-off the ongoing bin lorry driver strike over pay.

It follows an independent arbitration service ACAS finding that the drivers should be paid a Grade 5 salary – which they are already paid.

ACAS looked at the process that came to the original decision and found that it had been “undertaken in a fair and open manner.”

The decision further evidences what the Council has been saying all along – that it already pays bin lorry drivers a good wage that is one of the highest in the West Midlands.

Regardless of the finding, both the Council and Unite had agreed to be bound by the decision. Therefore, the Council is calling on the strike to be called off immediately.

Unite balloted their bin lorry driver members on two issues – a grade increase and Christmas working.

ACAS has ruled on the grade increase and an offer remains on the table for a £4,000, tax-free payment to buy-out a 1999 agreement that includes a number of issues such as Christmas week working and collecting side waste. The Council understands Unite has recommended this offer to their membership but has not done so formally until the pay increase issue was resolved.

The Council remains open to dialogue with Unite and are willing to once again offer a previously rejected proposal to increase the pay of drivers at the bottom-end of the grade, so that no driver starts on less than £12.45 per hour. This is an increase from the original bottom of the scale of £11.50.

However, the real victims in this dispute the Council has never wanted and has always tried to lawfully resolve, has been Coventry residents.

The Council apologises for the inevitable disruption the strike has caused despite the mitigation measures put in place such as drop-off sites. It urges Unite to call off the strike and allow the bin lorry drivers to return to work, so it can once again provide a service all Coventry residents expect and deserve.

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Wednesday, 9th March 2022

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