Council seeking court injunction – Coventry City Council

The site was recently fenced off but campaigners have moved in, and while they are there tree removal has halted.

A Coventry City Council spokesperson said, “We have made it absolutely clear that if we don’t complete this work to help improve air quality on Holyhead Road we will be mandated by government to implement a charge zone.

“This would mean that people, including residents, would have to pay £12.50 to drive in to the zone – having a negative impact on local people, businesses and visitors. No-one wants this so it’s really important that we get on.

“We want to ensure that we improve air quality, while enabling people to move easily around and through the city. And we know that we need to use a range of approaches to achieve this. Our work to widen the road at Spon End goes hand-in-hand with an improved walking and cycling environment from Butts Road through Junction 7 to the city as well as average speed cameras which will help to reduce speeds, flood alleviation and improvements to the street scene.

“Elsewhere we have a programme of work to create fully segregated cycle routes, Coventry Very Light Rail, an electric charge point scheme and many other projects underway.

“Improving air quality for our city, across the whole city will rely on a wide and varied approach.

“We are not removing trees needlessly.  In fact, we will be replanting 27 trees – seven at Spon End with an additional 20 being placed at Junction 7 – which is far more than we are taking out.

“The injunction is a last resort and we would like to reassure people that we are following lawful processes to enable us to proceed with this work.”

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