An update from Dr Rupert Suckling – 11 March

We’re now just over 3 weeks into the government’s ‘Living with Covid’ plan, with all legal restrictions now removed, but that doesn’t mean that Covid has disappeared from the community.

Roughly 1 in 30 people have Covid in Doncaster at the moment, so we all still have our part to play to ensure we keep everyone in our community as safe as possible.

Wearing face coverings in crowded, enclosed spaces and staying home when unwell may no longer be legal requirements but really do help protect ourselves and others.

Washing our hands regularly, making sure rooms are well ventilated when we meet others and getting vaccinated (if you haven’t yet) are other important ways to keep yourself and loved ones safe.

We’ve also been made aware this week of scam texts being sent to residents claiming that the person has been in close proximity to someone contagious and to order a test kit.

Please do not click on this link or order tests in this way, contact tracing does not work in this way and you will not receive messages such as this via official channels.

LFT home tests remain free until 1 April and can be ordered from the government website or collected from local pharmacies in the area (dependent on availability).

Whilst I’m sure we’re all enjoying a further step back to normality, it’s important we balance the risks where we can to ensure everyone in our community can feel as safe as possible.

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Last updated: 11 March 2022 13:59:21

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