Business Development Group gets the factory experience at Foyle Meats

March 11, 2022

A few weeks back, Faith Stewart, College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise (CAFRE) Beef and Sheep Adviser, took Beef Finisher Business Development Group (BDG) 140 on a visit to Foyle Meats, Lisahally, for a factory tour.  The tour was led and facilitated by Andrew Clark, Group Procurement and Ambrose McAleer General Site Manager.  The BDG visited Foyle on a Tuesday morning, allowing them to experience the Aberdeen Angus kill day.  Quite a few members supply Foyle Group with cattle so it was interesting for them to see behind the scenes.  The tour began at the various processing phases and worked its way back to the slaughter stage.  First up was the storage and packaging, followed by the vast boning hall, manned by an impressive and diligent work force.  The tour finished back at the loading bay.  This visit will be followed up by a trip to the Foyle Finishing Unit, based in Cookstown where the group will view the finishing facilities and the grassland management including the paddock grazing system for the home farm.

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