Most people will continue to act cautiously even without restrictions

“The quick poll gives an indication of how people are feeling right now about risk, and about how they intend to carry on behaving in future, now that there’s no longer any legal requirement to self-isolate and free access to testing comes to an end this month.

“The responses say to me that there’s still a lot of concern among people about coronavirus in our communities.

“We don’t know the profile of our respondees of course, so have no knowledge about whether they are older or younger, fit or more vulnerable.

“It is however very reassuring to see that the majority of people who have responded to our survey are indicating cautious behaviours that will help to protect themselves and others from the spread of coronavirus.

“The result on people’s attitude to testing is perhaps unsurprising.  We’re waiting to see further guidance from the government about who will continue to have free access to tests from April.

“But while they’re freely available for the rest of this month, many people may not have looked that far ahead yet to decide whether or not they’ll continue to use them.

“The public health advice, of course, is that continued use of lateral flow tests, especially if you’re visiting older or vulnerable friends or relatives, is important.”

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