Shop closed as part of work to tackle illegal tobacco trade

Thanks to work from our Regulatory Services team, a shop illegally selling illicit tobacco products in Wombwell has been closed.

Earlier this month our Regulatory Services team worked with South Yorkshire Police, the landlord of the property and their property management team resulting in the shop’s closure, and the locks being changed to prevent the tenant from entering and continuing to sell illegal products.

This is a great result as we continue our work to tackle the trade of illicit, and potentially dangerous, tobacco products. The team are reminding residents not to purchase non-duty paid or smuggled cigarettes. Though all tobacco products are harmful, illegal cigarettes do pose more of a risk. They’re also encouraging landlords to report any illegal cigarette trading that they’re aware of on their properties, as not doing so could lead to them being taken to court.

All legal cigarettes are manufactured to meet a reduced ignition propensity (RIP) requirement. This means they are self-extinguishable, to reduce the chance that they should set fire to sofas, beds and other combustible materials. Some illegal cigarettes are not self-extinguishable and have been attributed to a number of house fires and deaths.

Cllr Jim Andrews, Cabinet Spokesperson for Public Health, said: “All tobacco is harmful but illegal cigarettes pose more of a risk. Our Regulatory Services team are doing fantastic work to tackle illegal tobacco trade in the borough and encouraging landlords to report illegal cigarette trading.”

You can often spot illegal cigarettes by looking out for:

  • Packaging: Spelling mistakes, incorrect logos or typefaces, foreign health warnings, no picture health warnings. The packet colours are also often different to legal cigarette packets, which are normally a brown or grey colour
  • Price: Usually cheaper prices
  • Taste: Unusual taste and smell

If you see anyone buying this type of cigarettes in a shop, or have any information about illegal tobacco, you can report this to Regulatory Services by emailing or calling 01226 773743.

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