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Get composting

Spring is a perfect time to think about making compost for our gardens, hanging baskets and window boxes.

Composting is great for the environment. It improves soil – helping to create healthy plants and reducing the need to water and fertilise. It’s easy to make, can save money and you only need a small outdoor space.

You can add some of your inedible food waste to your compost bin. Egg shells, tea bags, coffee grounds and fruit and vegetable peelings can all go in

Twigs, grass clippings and leaves can also be added, but they will take a long time to break down if large quantities are added at one time. They may also reduce air flow in the bin, slowing the composting process.

We offer compost bins at prices as low as £6 and there is an extra buy-one-get-one-half-price deal (plus delivery). This is for a limited number of bins so hurry whilst the offer lasts! See getcomposting.com for details.

Dorset’s recycling rates buck the trend

The amount of waste we send for recycling, reuse or composting has risen to over 60%. In some parts of the country, the recycling rate has gone down, so we are bucking the trend!

Thank you for putting the right stuff in the right bin – it means our kerbside waste collection service continues to be a huge success!

Find out more about what goes in what bin.

Do you use a vehicle other than a car to visit your local recycling centre?

The types of vehicles that need a permit to visit their household recycling centre (the tip)
and the number of visits allowed each year are changing soon. Check to see if this affects you.

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