Dorset Road Fix 2022 – in-situ recycling

Dorset Council highways contractor Colas Ltd will be carrying out deep in-situ recycling on minor roads in the council area that are in the worst structural condition.

Road damage on Bradford Road, a rural road in Longburton

These roads have extensive defects, with uneven surfaces, sunken areas, potholes and cracking.

In-situ recycling involves breaking down the existing carriageway to its foundations and reusing the existing material by adding cement and bitumen emulsion to strengthen the structural foundation of the road. A new surface course is then laid.

This recycling method is done on site – simultaneously pulverising the existing carriageway and mixing it with new material – and, due to the size of the machinery used, roads need to be closed for the work.

Closures will be from 7am to 5pm and will last overnight to ensure the new cement-bound layers cure before the surface is laid.

In-situ recycling has many benefits including reusing material already in place and creating minimal waste, but it does require consistent dry weather to undertake the works.

The programme includes some weekend working but no working on Bank Holidays. Please check advance signage on each site for the most up to date information.

These timeframes include preparation works and additional time in case of bad weather.


Access road to Burnbake, Rempstone, Corfe Castle – main work 2 days
28 March to 31 March

Breaches Lane, Corfe Castle – main work 2 days
28 March to 4 April

South Street, Kingston – main work 3 days
29 March to 8 April

Quarry Lane, Kingston – main work 7 days
31 March to 13 April

West Orchard Lane, Bradle – main work 3 days
6 April to 13 April

Claypits Lane, Winfrith Newburgh – main work 2 days
9 April to 21 April

The Common, Moreton – main work 2 days
10 April to 22 April

Jennys Lane, Dolman Hill, Lytchett Matravers – main work 8 days
12 April to 28 April

Hazel Lane, Puncknowle – main work 3 days
22 April to 28 April

Blackney Lane, Blackney – main work 2 days
25 April to 6 May

Pilsdon Lane (deferred from 2021 programme) – main work 4 days
27 April to 10 May

Langdon Lane (deferred from 2021 programme) – main work 4 days
4 May to 12 May

Eggardone Lane (deferred from 2021 programme) – main work 2 days
7 May to 12 May

Church Hill Lane, Compton Valance – main work 9 days
9 May to 30 May

Notton Lane, Notton – main work 1 day
24 May to 30 May

Bradford Lane, Longburton – main work 1 day
25 May to 30 May

Crouch Lane, Holwell – 2 days
26 May to 30 May

Holebrook Lane (deferred from 2021 programme) – main work 4 days
27 May to 10 June

Ridgeway Lane, Child Okeford – main work 1 day
31 May to 11 May

Hains Lane (deferred from 2021 programme) – main work 5 days
6 June to 16 June

Woollands Lane, Shaftesbury – main work 2 days
10 June to 16 June

French Mill Lane, Cann – main work 3 days
11 June to 16 June

School Lane, Tarrant Gunville – main work 2 days
13 June to 23 June

C103 from Gussage St Michael to the Roma – main work 6 days
20 June to 28 June

Hogstock Lane, Tarrant Rushton – main work 3 days
22 June to 30 June

Crate Hill to Kitfor Lane, Fifehead St Quintin – main work 7 days
23 June to 8 July

All scheduled roadworks can be found online.


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