Charity mission to Bangladesh was a life-changing experience for students

What did you gain or learn from this experience?

Sufian: I learned how different our lives are compared to the orphans and refugees. They have nothing, and I literally mean – nothing. For example, I walked around with sandals, they were bare footed walking on the turf and in their homes.

Oly: Now that I have seen how reality is for the less fortunate, I appreciate everything in my life a lot more. We always complain about our problems to our parents and families because we don’t have this or that, but in reality, a lot of children do not even have the basic necessities of life.

Will this trip help with your studies or with anything else?

Sufian: Yes, we learned the importance of teamwork and how to discipline ourselves. On a day-to-day basis we would have to wake up very early and then work hard during the day.

Oly: Working as a team, we were able to provide aid and this taught us the importance of being punctual because if we were late, it would have affected the whole team and would have slowed the progress that everyone was making.

How did you get involved with this project?

Sufian: We play badminton at the workhouse. The staff members where we played asked us if we would like to get involved in some charity work, so we set up badminton tournaments where every player would pay an entry fee which would go to charity. We raised £200 through the tournaments.

Oly: We were then told about the project going to Rohingya, but before we could sign up for it, we needed to fundraise. So we set up an online donation page and we arranged a lot of fundraising events with our friends and families and amazingly we were able to raise approximately £14,000. This money helped pay for the trip and provided the refugees with water pumps that gave them access to fresh, clean water.

Would you volunteer again for a similar charity project?

Sufian: Yes! One hundred percent! This experience was unique and very rewarding. I will now certainly appreciate the things in life that I already have.

Oly: Definitely! Although we tried our best to help out, there are still millions of people who need our help. We should all try to help the poor and needy a lot more.


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