Flood relief scheme to keep Tewkesbury moving

Work is taking place this week to install a flood relief scheme in Tewkesbury to prevent flooding on the Ashchurch Road by Morrisons.


People in the town have been affected by disruption and road closures caused by flooding in this area in recent years, at times of extreme weather.

The county council has been assessing the drainage and problems caused when the flood plain at Walton Cardiff Nature Reserve becomes overwhelmed.

Although the nature reserve offers great natural flood prevention, the drainage systems are still unable to cope during extreme weather, so a more permanent solution has been needed.

The county council will install a special drainage system, collection tank and pumping system which will prevent the water from flooding the road when required. This will protect the A438 and reduce the likelihood of it being flooded in the future.

Work on the scheme is due to start on Wednesday 30 March and is due to be completed by Tuesday 5 April. It had been due to be carried out towards the end of last year, but the work had to be postponed.

Cllr Vernon Smith, cabinet member for highways and flood and local member for Tewkesbury East, said: “I’m delighted that this scheme has been devised to help alleviate flooding issues in Tewkesbury and is ready to be installed.

“Tewkesbury has suffered too much at the hands of flooding and we have to take action to protect our communities, with changes to our climate. This initiative will greatly improve access to the town at times of flooding and will make us more resilient to the effects of extreme weather.”

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