My NQN year diary: Becky’s visit from the NQN team

Preparing for my NQN visit 

To be completely honest, I don’t think there’s a lot of preparation needed for the visit as it’s a talk on how you’re getting on with things and an observation of your role, so it all comes naturally. You need to gather all paperwork together so it’s free to hand and make sure everything is up to date. I can’t stress this enough as a tip – try not to fall behind with paperwork (it’s easier said than done I know!).

I recommend dedicating a day to paperwork each week while your charge is napping if this is possible. For example, on Monday nap times I will always do my activity and menu plan for the following week and add onto the PLOD (Possible Lines of Development) document. This is the document relating to each individual child regarding their development, interests and schemas, and ideas of activities in order to interest them in their developing areas and milestones.  

On a Thursday nap time, I’ll add to the learning journal which includes my charge’s observations for the week, next steps, ‘wow’ moments and lots of pictures. Also, towards the end of the month, alongside my professional judgement, I go through the Birth to Five document to review my charge’s progress. 

For other preparation, it’s also good to put out all the resources you have made to ‘show off’. Most of the resources I’ve made are cardboard or paper, which gets damaged quite quickly after use, so I suggest taking photos of everything you’ve made and creating a folder which is easy to access.  

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