School Pupils Triumph at Bradford College “Hackathon”

Year 10 students from Parkside School in Cullingworth and Dixons McMillan Academy on Trinity Road recently participated in a unique problem-solving “hackathon” activity hosted at Bradford College.

Visiting school pupils were set the theoretical challenge of how to solve a hacking on the International Space Station with just a limited list of tools available. After just 90 minutes, all the teams successfully defeated the hack!

The innovative event resulted from an ongoing partnership with Bradford District social enterprise, Future Transformation. The organisation provides awareness, opportunities, programmes, and experiences for people who want to get into or build their careers in tech.  

Working collaboratively with a range of trusted organisations like Bradford College, Future Transformation provide skills to unlock potential, transforming the future of work, communities, and individual lives.

The College hosted a similar cyber-security event with Future Transformation and the Ministry of Defence earlier this year. The presentation highlighted the importance of coding and programming. Students were educated about how these skills are embedded in our daily lives using a range of engaging activities.

Thanks to Tim Rogers, Director of Future Transformation, and everyone involved in such a successful school event.

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