Respiratory team thanked for “care and professionalism” shown to COVID-19 patient who died – North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust

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“The professionalism and care staff showed for my mother was second to none.”

Team in RSU standing in corridorMartin Bunning was so thankful for the way staff at North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust treated his mother before her death that he returned to show his gratitude and donate gifts.

Martin, from Billingham, arranged to visit staff in the respiratory support unit (ward 24) at the University Hospital of North Tees to highlight the way they cared for his mother Barbara Anne Hughes.

Barbara was treated for COVID-19 in the unit over several weeks – an illness she sadly died from in February.

Over that time she formed close relationships with staff and was thankful for the way she was treated.

Martin visited this week to speak to staff and donate 10 electric fans and extension leads and chocolates for staff – with the chocolate bought from money raised at his mother’s funeral.

He said: “Each and every one of these staff are wonderful.

“My mother was the sort of woman who had trust issues – she struggled to open up and let anybody in.

“But she opened up for these people – she trusted them. So much so that she was persuaded by Chippy on the ward to try new food – including curry and naan bread!

“The professionalism and care they showed her was second to none.

“I will be forever thankful to them for the way they cared for her, allowing her to pass away peacefully and with dignity, including to Claire who made sure I was there at the very end.

“Not only the staff in the unit but many others across the hospital including the fantastic end of life care staff.”

Maria Lawson, ward matron, said: “It was a privilege for the team to be able to care for Barbara and be with her until the end of her life.

“Thank you so much to Martin for his kind words and to everyone who donated towards it.

“We are so touched and so thankful.”

Martin would also like to acknowledge and thank T-P-T Pat Testing and Inspection in Billingham for safety testing the electric fans he donated to the unit.

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