What Does A Student Union Do?

Student Unions in the UK are prominent in many further education institutions. The oldest of which was formed at the University of Edinburgh in 1884 as their Student Representative Council.

Student Unions need plenty of support and effort from their student body and their college. This is so they can effectively influence change in their organisation. Those of you who are passionate about making MRC the best institution can play important roles in our Student Union.

Student Unions seek all different types of people to join so they can efficiently provide support, advice, feedback and fun to all students! Roles within a union vary from SU president to admin and event organiser plus much more!

Mont Rose College is in the early stages of organising MRSU elections. All students will be given a chance to vote for the person they would like to represent them in the Student Union. Students are welcome and encouraged to make their case and campaign to be elected in the Student Union. If you or one of your fellow classmates is interested in running for a position in MRSU, please do get in touch with us at employment@mrcollege.ac.uk.


Happy voting and campaigning!

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