Getting Active in the Community

On Friday 18th March, six ‘Active in the Community’ students from Bradford College’s Community Distance Learning and Forster College helped run a bakery stall at Shipley market. Active courses are for adults with learning disabilities and are designed to improve communication, independence, employability, and wellbeing.

In preparation for the market, the Active student group went shopping for ingredients and baked delicious ‘Jammy Dodger Blondies.’ One student also made some biscuits and individually wrapped each one for the stand. With the help of social workers from Bradford Council, students used the opportunity to practice work and community skills while raising funds for the Ukrainian crisis.

By the end of the event, the stall made over £400 and every student performed fantastically.  Helpers sold produce and even visited local shops and other market stalls to promote the activity and which college course they were representing.

This successful event was the result of a collaboration between Bradford Council and Bradford College’s Community Distance Learning and Forster College students. Thanks to Adam Paget who initially approached the college to see if the students could participate, and well done to the amazing student ambassadors!×720-1.jpeg

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