Norland awards its first degrees

Norland also unveiled its new coat of arms at the historic event. The heraldic design features a golden guardian owl sitting in its nest of three owlets, mirroring the exceptional training, knowledge and nurturing commitment of Norlanders to the children in their care. 

150 students from sets 41 and 42 attended the Norland degree ceremonies, proudly witnessed by family, friends, staff, students, employers and other supporters at the Celtic Manor International Conference Centre on 31 March–1 April 2022.

The occasion was especially poignant as two cohorts have had to wait over a year for their special event marking their degree and diploma graduation. The delay meant that Set 41 returned in the afternoon following their degree ceremony to attend their second graduation ceremony for the awarding of the Norland diploma, following a swift change of dress. Set 40 also proudly graduated from their diploma at the event.

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