Businesses urged to help Hackney’s diverse communities get in-demand digital tech skills and jobs

Hackney - High Street Photos - HACKNEY WICK - 240dpi - 10 (1)

Hackney – High Street Photos – HACKNEY WICK – 240dpi – 10 (1)

Hackney businesses are being urged to participate in a survey to help the borough’s diverse communities overcome barriers to digital tech skills and jobs. 

We know businesses in Hackney aspire to have a workforce that mirrors the local labour market by hiring employees who reflect all community groups – because improving diversity, equity, and inclusion is not only the right thing to do, it’s also good for business. 

However, Hackney’s underrepresented and low-income communities face barriers to opportunities in this sector. In a recent survey, residents reported that their top three barriers to digital tech careers are:

  • Not having the right skills or qualifications
  • Needing work experience to apply
  • Not being confident enough to look for opportunities in this sector

Their top three barriers to skills and qualifications for the sector are:  

  • Not knowing what jobs are available and what qualifications are needed
  • The high cost of studying
  • Not having anyone to advise them about courses and training options

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