Teresa Egan wins award at local Hospital

Teresa joined the Trust in 2018, a year before the pandemic began, and will shortly be celebrating four years in her role. She has been praised for not only doing her job to a very high standard, but also ensuring that everyone who she encounters is welcomed and checked in on, making the hospital as a whole a far more pleasant environment.

DBTH Stars is the Trust’s Staff Awards and Recognition Scheme. Any member of staff or patient who has received care at the Trust can nominate someone who they think is deserving of the recognition, and those who win the award receive a £25 voucher.

Teresa was overjoyed in receiving her Star Award, commenting: “I could not believe that I won, I was so overwhelmed, and I just can’t put it into words. To me we are all stars, of course we are. I always thought that I would love to work at the hospital if I could, so I was really lucky and have been in my element ever since. The highlight of working here is definitely helping everybody, seeing them with their appointment letters, and if they are unsure where to go, I will always point them in the right direction.

“People say that I have cheered them up with my positive attitude, and I am really happy that I am viewed like that as I do my best to always help those around me. We are here, so I just try and enjoy every day, it really helps me with my mental health to be in this mindset.”

Before joining the hospital, Teresa worked as a fitness advisor and even managed to win a bodybuilding competition that earned her the title of Miss Great Britain 1989 to 1990. Further successes in this field were to follow, as she won Miss Northeast and Miss Doncaster, and even represented England in a competition against Wales, until ultimately deciding to pursue her passion of cleaning.

Sam Debbage, Deputy Director of Education and Registered Nurse at DBTH, nominated Teresa for the award, she said: “In a time when everything we have known has been thrown into the air, Teresa has been a light of stability. Calmly and quietly getting on with her job, but going above and beyond by ensuring anyone who comes into contact with her is checked on.

“Teresa is a fantastic example of the NHS pride and reflection of the DBTH values and behaviours. Teresa should be recognised for the value she has brought and continues to bring staff, patients and visitors to DBTH, for not only keeping us safe by ensuring spaces are clean but by also ensuring we are feeling ok.”

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