Norland couple celebrate wedding just before graduation

Greg said: “Neither of us went to Norland expecting to find romance. We met in the first week in September 2017 and were good friends until we started dating in February 2019. While it certainly helps to share a profession, we were brought together by shared faith, interest in the outdoors and our firm foundation as friends.”

Also graduating were Emilia (Set 42) and Nathaniel (Set 41) who will marry in April 2023. Emilia is currently completing her Newly Qualified Nanny (NQN) probationary year of employment with a family in south-west London to earn the prestigious diploma and professional title Norlander. Nathaniel completed his NQN year in north-west London to become a Norlander in December 2021 and is still nannying with the same family.

Emilia said: “We met each other at a mutual friend’s birthday party in early 2019. We didn’t go into Norland with the expectations of finding a partner, we were lucky that we had friends from other years who introduced us to each other. We spent lockdown together in Scotland before getting engaged in April 2021.”

“We have been able to see each other grow as practitioners and help each other through assignments, having the common interest of the early years which we can share together”, said Emilia. “We are so proud of each other and are excited to continue our future together.”

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